DutchBasecamp We connect the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands with international tech hubs.

Soft landing support

Contribute to more successful landings of Dutch Startups in international tech hubs.

Mentoring network

Facilitate a community of Dutch tech entrepeneurs and professionals based in some of the major tech hubs of the world.


Inspire and assist enterprises in gaining knowledge and expanding their businesses abroad.

Success Stories Here are some cases of our clients' success stories.

Launching Customer Event
LinkedIn and Amsterdam
Silicon Valley Project

Mentors & Partners Soft Landing Hub for Startups and Corporate Innovation Teams that set foot across the Atlantic

Premium partners

  • vincent van de poll
    Vincent van de Poll
  • Ronilla Snellen
    Ronilla Snellen
  • peter engel
    Peter Engel
  • Marnix-Langstraat
    Marnix Langstraat
  • Kamila Kotlewska
    Kamila Kotlewska

Address & Contact We connect the startup ecosystems of The Netherlands with international tech hubs.