Helping startups scale internationally since 2013

DutchBasecamp is a social enterprise, founded in 2013. We believe in quality, in preparing for internationalisation in The Netherlands and in connecting founders. Our mission is to help startups scale internationally and we do so by building a premiere internationalisation infrastructure for startups in The Netherlands.

What founders say about us

Koen Strous

“The Bootcamp was a good mix between insightful visits and concrete business meetings with potential leads. What helped most were one on one meetings with key business actors in my industry”

Bram de Zwart

3D Hubs

“DutchBasecamp connects me with other founders with international ambition and experience, leading to new ideas on how to grow my company 3D Hubs.”

Ruben Nieuwenhuis


“DutchBasecamp is super hands-on in supporting founders that want to grow internationally. And the secret sauce is its people orientated focus.”

1. Build your internationalisation strategy

Before you move to a new market you need a strategy. Knowing why a certain market is attractive increases your chances of success.

2. Validate Strategy

After you’ve built a strategy, validate your assumptions in the new market.

3. Create a Lean Landing

When you decide to scale to a new hub, make sure you become part of an existing ecosystem.

Our philosophy

There are three distinct elements when scaling abroad.

We are convinced that going international starts with a solid product market-fit in your home country. Understand why customers love your product (and why not!). Based on growth metrics and market insights you make a shortlist of potentially interesting markets.

Your next step is to build an internationalisation strategy. You work lean and create assumptions about your target countries. Validating these assumptions is the next step towards international exponential growth. Once validated a lean landing in the new hub needs to be established. Go prepared and land in an existing network.

We love to share our experiences, get in touch to know more!

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