About DutchBasecamp

DutchBasecamp helps startups scale internationally, achieving our three main main goals:


Contribute to more successful landings of Dutch Startups in international tech hubs.


Facilitate a community of Dutch tech entrepreneurs and professionals based in some of the major global tech hubs: our mentoring network.


Inspire and assist enterprises in gaining knowledge and expanding their businesses abroad, via training and bootcamps.

Our organization explained

DutchBasecamp explained in a slide-deck (PDF).

Our Team

Marc Wullings

Honorary Advisor of DutchBasecamp

Menno van Dam

Coach coordinator at DutchBasecamp

Diem Pham

Project Lead

Daniel Majoor

Finances at DutchBasecamp

Meino Zandwijk

Board member of DutchBasecamp

Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Founder and Honorary Advisor of DutchBasecamp

Justin Rijnberg

International Project Lead

Joke van Antwerpen

Advisor of DutchBasecamp

Frans Nauta

Board member of DutchBasecamp

Isabel Brouwer

Lead at DutchBasecamp

Engelbert Pelster

Advisor of DutchBasecamp

Our Business Model

We are a social enterprise with a not for profit revenue model. Our services are carefully developed with our exclusively selected partners. We are committed to bringing you a fast, reliable and cost-effective landing and delivering at the highest standard.

How can we help you?

Take advantage of our experienced team with more than 30 public and private partners, and over 90 mentors. Contact us for a soft landing, for relevant connections, for international growth and inspiring events.

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