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TQ, Amsterdam

1PM - 7PM

Want to grow your business globally? It is tremendously important that you build an internationalization strategy before you take the leap. You need to identify which market is most suited for your business, and how to tackle it. Properly preparing before you scale abroad will improve your chances of success, and will save your company a lot of money.

To kickstart your internationalization strategy we have developed a interactive training in workshop-style that will discuss various elements of internationalization and how to plan for them. The training will take a day, but we do require you to do some homework. The training will touch subject like “common mistakes”, it will show you what country to target first and give you the right tools to start building your internationalisation strategy. You bring all tools (like a pragmatic excel) back to your office, so after your first country you can use the tools to decide on your next country without us.

Our trainer is Marc Wullings, who has helped various startups to go abroad and foreign startups to come to Netherlands. He devoloped this training based on his years of experience helping those startups. Plus some insights derived from various consulting companies.

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