In The Netherlands

We believe in the power of connecting founders with fellow founders to share experiences. Over the years we have noticed that founders experience the same challenges when scaling internationally. By facilitating local and international founder networks we stimulate founders to share their experiences and push each other to great hights.

Networks can be both city or vertical specific. Feel like you should belong to one of the networks listed below, let us know. If you are thinking about setting up your own network, get in touch!

International Founders Network

This network brings together founders of scale-ups that already operate in different countries. They come together every second Wednesday of the month to discuss their experiences with scaling abroad.

Amsterdam Smart City

This network focuses on bringing together Smart City entrepreneurs. Together we can share experiences and take on large corporate or government assignments. First get together on Thursday September 14th.

Let's go International!

This network brings together startup founders who are getting international boots on the ground for the first time. Most of the Interreg Lean Landing participants are active in this network.