The Globalizer

Ready, Set, Scale! 

Are you a startup or scale-up and ready to scale beyond Dutch borders? This amazing 10-week program kicks off your international expansion!

”This initiative is spot on. I haven’t heard of anything like it. A new model for acceleration that will generate true impact”

Ton van ’t Noordende, Tech Investor at Keadyn & Investor In Residence at StartupDelta

Based on the learnings from senior founders, this program will: 

1) Support you in building and validating key components of your internationalization strategy

2) Gear you up with the toolsets and skills needed to become internationally successful, and

3) Help you access an (international) peer network to get you of the ground

”Controlled growth and a structured approach are crucial for success” 

Scale Up Dashboard 2016

Your Next Destination?

What this program offers:

  • A structured approach touching upon key elements of your strategy, organization & skills
  • Meetups with:
    • taylor made masterclasses
    • founder to founder experience sharing
    • one-on-one coaching
  • Warm introductions into your target market
  • Access to (international) peer networks

Value added:

  • Learnings from senior founders
  • Having support from peers
  • Getting geared up with hands-on toolsets
  • Support with building and validating your internationalization strategy
  • Being well prepared, informed, and connected for lean landing
  • Saving time, money & headache

Themes per Meetup:

  • Weeks 1-2) How to get yourself and your team ready for international challenges?
  • Weeks 3-4) How to set up international marketing and sales
  • Weeks 5-6) How to build and execute a cost effective PR & stakeholder management strategy?
  • Weeks 7-8)  How to set up business-critical legal, financial and administrative infrastructure?
  • Weeks 9-10) How to manage growth and performance?


Approximately € 8.000,-. Scholarships may apply. 

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Our mission: DutchBasecamp is driven to help great startups scale internationally; empower and connect entrepreneurs though curated founder networks; strengthen the Dutch startup ecosystem by building an internationalization infrastructure and meeting needs that others find too risky, difficult or unrewarding to serve; always providing quality, above all else.