International Mentor networks

Silicon Valley | New York | Boston | London | Paris | Berlin

The Mentoring Network is a community of mostly Dutch tech entrepreneurs and professionals based in some of the major global tech hubs. It connects Dutch startups and fast-growing companies with Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals abroad. These mentors have all scaled up successfully and offer to be a temporary mentor providing their expertise, experience and network. The Mentoring Network allows Dutch startups to grow their business in new international markets.

Startup Benefits
  • Direct access to the startup network and ecosystem in their new hub;
  • Insights on how to kick-start your business, including practical advice on things such as recruitment, pitching and funding;
  • Tools to prepare yourself perfectly before you travel to the hub.
Mentor Benefits:
  • Contribute to the LEAN landing and success of Dutch entrepreneurs;
  • Use your knowledge and experience to help Dutch startups avert mistakes they might make without your insights;
  • Stay informed about the newest innovations and startups.

Why a Mentoring Network?

All of our mentors are sharing their network, expertise and insights because they are committed to more Dutch entrepreneurs becoming successful in foreign tech hubs. They believe that mentorship improves the LEAN landing of startups, which will trigger a snowball effect. A more successful company abroad leads to bigger growth, job creation, profitability and more economic growth in The Netherlands, for example. Our mentors also believe that the increased amount of Dutch startups in their hub, as well as the exposure of their successes, will make the Netherlands a more attractive location for foreign startups planning expansion to Europe. This will enable them to get familiar with the Dutch startup ecosystem and the business environment in the Netherlands, therefore increasing the likelihood of opening up an office in the Netherlands.

Above all, it is fun to share knowledge, meet new people and help our Dutch startup ecosystem grow.

Our ambitions

The DutchBasecamp Mentoring Network aims to become the largest global virtual Dutch startup and tech entrepreneurs community, consisting of entrepreneurs working in different verticals in all major tech hubs in the world.

In september 2014, DutchBasecamp launched in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte the first mentoring network in New York City. In 2015 en 2016 we launched additional hubs such as Silicon Valley/West Coast, Boston, London and Paris. In 2017 we will launch more hubs in and outside Europe, working closely together with valuable startup ecosystem players like StartupDelta.

We use this community to create a shared sense of identity amongst the Dutch entrepreneurs and tech professionals in foreign tech hubs. Mentors are prompted to co-create and offer startups access to a network in which people are eager to share knowledge and expertise, where collaboration is key over competition, and where there is a sense of pride and commitment to grow the Dutch tech ecosystem. This will not only help grow it, but also support its diversification.