Lean Landing Program


The Fast Track to New Markets

interreg lean landingThe Interreg Lean Landing program is designed to get small businesses quickly into new European markets. If you want to test whether your products or services can be sold abroad, or if you’re looking for new European partnerships, this programme is for you.


The Lean Landing network consists of 26 partners, accelerators and incubators from across the North Sea Region, i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland and UK. Together, we have boots on the ground in all six countries, enabling us get you quickly in touch with new customers and partners. Critically, the Lean Landing network gives you hands-on knowledge and local insight into anything from business laws to cultural etiquette in markets far from home. And when joining the Lean Landing programme, you will be able to use the office facilities at incubators and accelators across the North Sea Region.

The Lean Landing program is supported and made possible by Startup Amsterdam and the North Sea Region, European Regional Development Fund.

What we do

Favouring a hands-on approach, we arrange partner and customer meetings for you in your country of choice, so you can get fast feedback from potential customers or partners and perform a real-time test of the potential of your products and services in a new European
market. That way, you avoid traditional market analysis and get quick, solid feedback to act on via practical encounters.

Outline of the program

Sounds good, right? Now the practicals: Firstly you enter the form below. Upon review we get back to you, plan an intake and define your needs. Third step is getting you out there connecting with one of our prime partners.

These partners are carefully selected, ranging from different verticals (energy, smart cities, leisure, e-commerce, fashion, etc.) and different organizations (VCs, incubators, accelerators, chambers of commerce).

After this first connect, we actively organize a tailor-made workshop, a setup with launching customers or training on international growth. All depending on your defined needs. In the end it is all about what you need getting out there, how to stay out there, and finally settling in the market.

See this document for more information on the concept and a walkthrough of the Interreg Lean Landing EU program. Or sit back and watch a video about it.

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Apply for Lean Landing Program

It’s free to join, and we’ll even refund 50% of your travel costs. If you’re interested in joining the Interreg Lean Landing programme, the first step is a screening interview, where we assess your company’s potential and motivation to participate in the project. To apply for an interview, please contact us via the form below and hit the Submit button.
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