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” The CES Holland Pavillion is a success when investors and clients are eager to visit the pavilion, because of the quality of the startups. Because they are proud of their business and well prepared to pitch and create opportunities. The prep for CES program will provide you the tools, information, and skills to optimise your presentation and chances for success. Join the program!”

For all participants of the CES Holland Startup Pavilion by StartupDelta we offer a program to prepare you to rock in Las Vegas in January! The program consist out of General Sessions and Individual Coaching by experienced tech entrepreneurs. This combination ensures you get the right Prep for CES.

  • Be fully prepared for CES
  • Understand the CES investor landscape
  • Build your internationalisation strategy
  • Understand different (business) cultures and how to be successful
  • Learn to pitch world class
  • Get access to database with market information
  • Get access to database with cultural information

The program is preliminary and we are still finetuning by discussing the optimal content with founders, investors and other professionals.


Excited already?! Start you prep by having a look at the Silicon Valley Playbook.

General Program

Kick-off and insights – Monday 2 October – 1PM | Hosted by Cisco Amsterdam

During the kick-off we learn from experienced founders and other insiders how to prepare successfully for CES. We will touch upon subjects like how to talk to investors, how to land those meetings you are looking for and the best places to be at during CES. Next we will discuss the importance of follow up and how to do this successfully.

Of course the StartupDelta team will be there too to give you an overview of what to expect of the mission and what they can do to help you be successful there.

Please register for the kick-off event here

Cisco Amsterdam (Haarlerbergweg 13-19, Amsterdam) is easily accessible by public transport. You can take the metro to Bullewijk station and from there it’s only a 4-minute walk to the location.


Workshop International strategy – 1pm – 5:30PM – 30 October – 2 November (5 groups)

With the output from the first coaching session, you will follow a workshop to kickstart your internationalisation (strategy). The workshop discusses various elements of internationalisation and how to plan for them. We will touch upon subjects like common mistakes and possible strategies. Next this workshop will give you the tools to identify interesting markets (remember: the whole world is at CES) and you will optimise your internationalisation strategy.


Business Culture – full day – Monday 20 November | Hosted by Flow Traders

Understanding the (business) culture of a partner, reseller, journalist, investor or customer is vital when doing business. Inspired by The Culture Map we will give you very hands-on tools to prepare yourselves for the encounters with various cultures. You will also be granted 3 months access to an enormous database of cultural information which helps you understand other cultures, and thus improving success rates. Within a breakout session you will interact with each other about international business savviness.

Various corporates will take the stage in the second half of this day to help you understand the USA business culture.

Please register for the Business Culture Workshop here


Pitching – Friday 1 December (Amsterdam) or Monday 11 December (Eindhoven)

Now that you have a solid understanding of the market you’re targeting and the differences in (business) cultures, TEDx speech coach David Beckett will guide all of you in optimizing your pitch to be fully prepared for your time in Las Vegas.

Individual Coaching

Match with coach

After the kick-off you will be matched with DutchBasecamp (SIB approved). You will have 3 individual coaching sessions throughout your preparation towards CES. Our coaches are mostly experienced tech founders who have built international companies.

Since the coaching sessions are individual, they can be tailored towards your specific needs. To determine what coaching topics are relevant for you, we offer a tool that explores areas where you can improve and start the discussions with your coach on.


First individual coaching session

This first coaching session will discuss ambition, motivation, and USPs of your startup to serve as the basis of your internationalisation strategy and the other coaching sessions. The output of this first coaching session will help to determine your chances on the US and other markets and what it takes to get there.



Second individual coaching session

Set goals for your participation at CES based on your specific needs and strategy for internationalisation. Discuss how to leverage your participation at CES to reach those goals. Discuss received market information and strategy to have meaningful meetings at CES.



Third individual coaching session

This final coaching session will follow suit out of the first 2 and is completely tailored towards your needs. It will fine tune the message you want to get across towards the audience you will be targeting. This session serves as input for your pitch training too.

How to participate

You can participate without cost by redeeming a SiB voucher from RvO if you are eligible for this voucher. More information about signing up will follow soon. If you are selected by StartupDelta and CTA (CES) to join the mission you will be informed.

Interested in becoming a coach?

If you have the experience and drive to be part of coaching programs like we develop for CES, please inquire with us about the opportunities and requirements to become an accredited DBC coach.
We’d love to bring as much as possible know-how together to help all those promising startups, that we generate in our startup eco system, bringing them to their full potential, and in particular by helping them developing international business for their venture.