Prep for Tech Events + WebSummit

Web Summit Portugal (06-09 NOV) – “the largest tech conference in the world” is going to shake up the entrepreneurial world in less than a month with more than 60,000 attendees from 160 countries. This “Davos for geeks”, as Bloomberg called it, is followed by “the world’s leading startup event” – Slush (NOV 30 – DEC 01). Providing a great foundation for mentorship and access to capital and talent, Slush is going to bring some of the leading actors of the global tech scene in Helsinki where investors, customers, and media will have the exclusive opportunity to reach and engage with the global tech community.

It is crucial that before you go to such larger-than-life tech events, you prepare well to make the most out of your attendance. This will prevent you from ending up roaming from speaker to speaker, getting overwhelmed by the abundance of opportunities and information, with business cards spilling out of your pocket, and without having made a single meaningful connection.


Enjoy the aftermovie!

On the 12th of October 2017 we hosted a Warm-up event to prepare you to the fullest for the coming tech-events.

We started with a panel discussion featuring Steven van Wel (Karma), Linda Frietman (IamProgrez) and Olivier van Oord (MiniBrew). This was followed by a “How to pitch panel for investors”, organised by Get In The Ring. We touched upon subjects like:

  • What to expect and the do’s and don’ts on tech events
  • How to properly prepare for tech-events
  • How to arrange meetings with investors/customers/media/corporates
  • Once you have the meeting, how to pitch to investors/customers/media/corporates

Following, we  discuss the specifics of participating in WebSummit:

  • All the ins and outs of WebSummit
  • Founder panel with successful WebSummit entrepreneurs: ask all the questions you have!
  • Program and side events
  • Practical information like; meetings, travel, sleeping and partying
  • What you can expect from; WebSummit organization, matchmaking, tools, embassy, DutchBasecamp

Prep for Tech events is a collaboration of DutchBasecamp, StartupDelta, Venture Café, Get in the Ring and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Start prepping now by reading this article by Silicon Canals.

For all the SLUSH participants we offer a follow-up warm-up event on the 26th of October. Get your tickets here.