DutchBasecamp Success Stories

Startups, as well as corporate innovation teams and fast growing companies are our clients. We offer them a broad range of services, such as office management, business development, bootcamps and headhunting.

We helped this fast-growing social enterprise to find the US product-market fit so they can scale up by offering them localized experiments and validation metrics. Read here an article about their growth into the US market

During an Explorecamp, we introduced Appmachine to local experts, helped them develop their growth strategy, and expanded their active network for future business in Silicon Valley.

We helped Twoodo land in Silicon Valley by finding them accommodation and connecting them to the right people in Silicon Valley to make their soft landing a success.

We helped Fuel Up to connect with relevant networks for new office space, new colleagues and most of all new thought leaders who would push their revolutionary proposition forward.

We coached this fast-growing Dutch middleware authentication startup in pitching for VC’s and new talent. We connected them with Seed+ investors to scale fast.

After an exploration Basecamp, we facilitated Aliveshoes’ discovery of designer acquisition channels, their product/market fit, potential distribution partners, and a highly effective COO.

We've initiated and coordinated a pilot between LinkedIn and the City of Amsterdam on the topic of "Overseeing Strategy". This project aligns the government, universities and companies in 2025 with a main objective of attracting international talent to Amsterdam.

The Silicon Valley project brings together an interdisciplinary group of 30 students from the universities of Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden. Getting inspiration and business vision to bring back to Europe is the main goal of the project.

We introduced Niceau BV to our network, which led to a valuable introduction to Fenwick & West for the needed research into an invention patent application.

The Dutch Launching Customer event at Runway incubator in San Francisco, during our Executive Startup Bootcamp. Hosted by Amsterdam's Mayor van der Laan.

GET1,2 is orienting itself on the US market for funding and market validation. We helped them prepare their pitch-deck and get preconditions clear. Our Liaison advised them in Silicon Valley about do’s and don’ts.

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