DutchBasecamp Success Stories

Koen Strous, CEO of Learnbeat and participant of the Bootcamp to Cape Town:

“The Bootcamp was a good mix between insightful visits and concrete business meetings with potential leads. What helped most were one on one meetings with key business actors in my industry.”

Wendy Bogers, CEO of Ligo and participant of coaching & Interreg:

”DutchBasecamp connects you directly with international partners. I’m impressed by their dedication to support startups and their capacity to guide you in the internationalisation process.”

Willemijn Schneyder, CEO of Swipeguide and participant of Prep for CES:

“We are very satisfied with the CES prep programme organized by DutchBasecamp. The events were perfect for networking but we also learned a lot from the coaching sessions with our coach Benjamin Pomerantz.”

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